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Intrepid Leadership Group leverages personal experiences and established leadership doctrine to assist our clients to maximize their potential and forge leadership teams of tomorrow.

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Our leadership development solutions are customized to the specific needs of your organization or team, but will always include self-awareness and core values, transparent communications, and the courage it takes to lead change in dynamic and complex environments. Our experiential workshops and training programs typically include:

  • Preparatory Assessments – to maximize the impact of our engagements, we begin with a baseline understanding of the challenge we seek to address with our clients
  • Learning – tailored curriculum to build understanding and deepen knowledge about case studies and research of elite organizations
  • Application – practical and experiential exercises that are relevant to the formal training and designed to spark engagement, generate solutions, promote self-awareness and enable learning

Our work is tailored to client requirements and therefore varies in scope, from a single team-building offsite to a year-long monthly or quarterly leadership development program. Contact us to let us train your team and inspire them to meet their full potential, accomplish the mission and live honorably.

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Corporate Testimony

"I don’t know what the cost of this Leadership Summit was, but it was worth every penny.  I wish every business unit did things like this for their people, this was outstanding."

- Optiv Cyber Professional

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