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Boys Ages 15-18: $650 (vic Louisville, KY & Butlerville, IN)

Intrepid’s Teen Leadership Camp is designed to help your son meet his potential and enhance his leadership skills. The camp will challenge him physically, mentally and ethically and will improve his ability to work under stress.

Our in-residence camp begins and ends in the greater Louisville area, but the majority of training takes place at the Indiana National Guard’s Muscatatuk Urban Training Center where the boys sleep, eat, and train out of Forward Operating Base Holland under the care and instruction of our Veteran Special Operators.  

Anyone flying into the area should use Louisville International Airport (SDF). Travel days are 17 June and 22 June 2024. Intrepid cadre will meet your son at the airport and get them back to the airport for their departure flights. Anyone driving in should also use SDF to link up with Intrepid cadre. With prior coordination, Intrepid can link up with drivers in Butlerville, IN as well. Please coordinate directly with Intrepid before making any travel plans.

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Boy's Camp, Ages 15-18, 17-22 JUNE 2024

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We use paintball as a training tool for our boys to lead, follow and cope with stress. We teach map and compass skills, tactical combat casualty care, and how to "shoot move and communicate" using basic patrolling skills. Once the basics are mastered, the teams are tasked with "missions" for them to plan and execute. During the paint ball patrols, the boys practice "casualty care" under (paintball) fire, maintain team accountability under duress, and how to act rapidly and confidently deal with the consequences of their decisions. At times it is intense, but it is always rewarding and intended to build confidence and increase leadership and decision-making skills during difficult times.

An introduction to combatives (combat sports) helps our boys understand and appreciate the uncomfortable feeling of being physically challenged. While we can't spend enough time to get them proficient at defending themselves, we introduce them to the challenges of combatives so they can decide if they want to pursue combat sports in the future.

The boys also receive instruction on Leadership Reaction Course events...obstacles and challenges the team must solve and overcome in a short period of time. Nightly campfire discussions will be held on ethics with an emphasis on age-appropriate issues they are facing at home and in school. Colonel (retired) Roland, a Gold Star parent, will discuss selfless service and explain the Nation’s Gold Star program. Sporting events are incorporated to advance team interaction and promote fitness. A short, fictional reading is used to discuss their role in society and help them better understand how they make decisions.

Before the camp, your teenager will take the online Gallup Strengths-Finder Personality Assessment Test. During the camp, they will receive personal feedback on their top five personality strengths from Dr. Eric Buller and Colonel (ret) Kurt Buller, certified Strengthsfinder coaches.

This all occurs in five in-residence training days so the pace is quick and our expectations are high. Your son must be in reasonably good physical conditioning and self-motivated to keep up with our cadre and the other boys. Please contact Intrepid Leadership Group directly before registering your son if you're not sure this curriculum is appropriate. We will discuss our training in-depth to help you make your decision.

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This training takes place under the guidance and supervision of retired special operators and veterans dedicated to passing along the lessons they've learned while serving our Nation overseas. The Intrepid Leadership Team is engaging and totally dedicated to helping each teenager maximize their potential and live honorably. This is the Intrepid Way. Contact us if you are interested in your son attending our camp.

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17-22 Jun 2024

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Leadership Camp Testimony

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Intrepid was one of the best experiences of my life! It is a unique personal leadership immersion program developed and led by senior Special Ops cadre. I was challenged physically, mentally, and ethically while given the opportunity to engage and apply leadership skills & strengths in small group exercises, under stressful and dynamic conditions. The platform used was tactical military training, but I was learning life lessons, too—how to calm myself under pressure, integrate with and complement others, lead AND follow.

- Teenage Graduate
Intrepid Leadership Camp

Mr Buller and his team from Intrepid blew us away with their leadership camp. Our son learned how to control bleeding in a crisis, use a map and compass, leverage ropes and knots to climb over obstacles, and lead missions with his teammates. The introduction to combatives was appreciated and he loved the nightly campfire discussions on ethics, Gold Star Families and core values. He now uses words like "sheep dog" and "service". Intrepid’s message of living a life of integrity and honor resonated completely with our son.

- Kim M.
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    Indemnification and Liability Waiver: I acknowledge that participating in leadership camp activities is potentially hazardous, including both known and unknown risks to the camper and that I have evaluated my child’s physical and mental condition and deem him/her fit for participation in this camp. Risks associated include but are not limited to the following: falls, contact with other participants, effects of weather (heat, cold, humidity, rain), effects of terrain (poison ivy/oak, uneven surfaces, tripping hazards), effects of wildlife/insects (snakes, ticks, bees) and risks associated with paintball activities. I understand activities of the camp could include but are not limited to: land navigation, first aid, ropes and knots, weapons safety, paintball, leadership reaction courses, combatives, and games of strategy. For additional details on activities and the camp, visit the website at: Leadintrepid.com. I consent and agree to a waiver of liability on the part of Intrepid if any injury should occur to my child even if due to negligence so long as it is not the result of willful misconduct on the part of Intrepid. I acknowledge that there are many risk factors outside of the control of Intrepid. I agree to indemnify and hold Intrepid harmless should any injury occur. This release extends to not only myself, but my heirs, assigns, and next of kin.

    Emergency Treatment: I consent to allowing emergency medical personnel to be summoned for my child if needed and/or for my child to be transported to the hospital or other urgent care facility if deemed necessary by Intrepid. I agree that I am responsible to pay for all costs incurred for such treatment.

    Photography: I understand that Intrepid will take pictures during the activities and that Intrepid retains the rights to the pictures including the option to use them for marketing purposes.

    By signing below, I affirm that I am the parent or legal guardian of the child identified on this form and that I assume the risks associated with this camp and agree to the waiver of liability described herein.
    I also agree to pay the remaining tuition fee in full NLT 7 days prior to start date or risk forfeiting the
    training slot and payments received to date.

    Note: 50% registration fee is required to hold slot. This is completely refundable until 30 days before the start of the camp. Full fees are required one week prior to the start of the camp.

    You can also fill out a paper form and email or mail to us.

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